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How to Source the Best Home Builder

Buying a new home in Calgary can be a great opportunity to customize and build your home just as you would like it. Here are strategies to pick the right home builder to ensure the best quality and experience.

The quality of your new home is reliant on the people building it, especially the site supervisor. If the supervisor is in the home every day, talking to the trades and doing quality control and frame checks, then the chances of getting a good quality home are high. As a consumer, you want to be aware of the ‘drive by’ supervisors who tend not to check up on the trades, go in the house, or do quality controls. This hands off approach narrows the likelihood of receiving a high quality home.

How can you spot the difference between a hands on or hands off home building team?

When you are considering home builders, ask to meet the team who is building your house. A few questions should give you a sense into their working style and quality control measures.

Questions to ask:

  • Are you in the house every day?

  • What kind of quality controls do you have?

  • What is your working relationship with the trades like?

Want to dive deep? Bring some coffee and chat with the trades – they have a lot to share. (But interview a couple, not just one to avoid personal bias).

The quality of your new home doesn’t depend on whether it is a custom or production built home. It matters who is building your home and how they work together as a team.

Matthew Watson is a Calgary based realtor with the Real Estate Professionals and owner of Real Estate and Rejuvenate. He has over 11 years of residential construction experience with custom home builders (10-20 homes in a year) and production home builders (200-600 homes a year).

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