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Four Updates to Increase the Value of Your Home... And to help your home sell faster!

Listing your home in a buyers marketing can be daunting, but a few updates can make all the difference to make your home stand out and sell. These renovations can help move your home listing to the top of the competition.

1. Kitchen

The hub of your home, it’s where you prep, feast and party. Clean and modern cabinetry, counter-tops and appliances will set the stage for the space where your buyer is imagining hosting their future.

2. Bathrooms

New home builders place their value into kitchens and bathrooms and this is what your buyers see when shopping show-homes. Large walk in showers, granite counter tops and heated flooring are your biggest competition.

3. Paint

Paint is personal. When getting ready to sell your home, refresh the house with light, natural paint colours. Keep it consistent through the whole house: two colours, one feature one main. A simple base will let the new owners envision their creative side on the walls, and leave it move in ready.

4. Interior Finishing

Buyers are looking for a house with good bones, and your interior finishing such as doors, base and case is a tell-a-tale sign of this.

With paired renovation and real estate services Real Estate and Rejuvenate is your one-stop shop to update and sell your home. Contact Matthew Watson for a free renovation quote and real estate tips to update and sell your home.

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